We have received several customer messages in our websites regarding services we offer by adding two lines of codes from wasupport.takeer.com

What is wasupport.takeer.com

wasupport.takeer.com is simply a service that allows you to use your Whatsapp or any of your co-worker whatsapp number or any of your Whatsapp group link to provide live support to customers or users visiting your website.

wasupport.takeer.com allows you to add unlimited websites and in each website you can assign users who will be providing support to clients or website visitors. Also you can customise widget appearance according to your website colors.

How to add to my website?

No complication. Even signing up to wasupport.takeer.com is as easy as you don't need to input any of your information. You only click a get started link and you will be presented with which gmail account to be used on wasupport.takeer.com, once you select, you are in!.  Then the first step is to add your domain or subdomain

Then you will be able to see list of all your domains or subdomain you added already. Clicking a domain/subdomain gives you a control to add support users and customising widget

You can setup widget either to show or hide anytime you want to stop web visitors contact your Whatsapp support assistants. After selecting your colors in Setup Widget, you will be able to see the javascript codes you need to copy and add to your website. The source codes will look like this but you will have different apikey

    <script>var apikey="fweBmjw9o1wi553fV6yQ";</script>
    <script src="https://wasupport.takeer.com/assets/wasupport.js"></script>

Please go to your website, if it is a wordpress, go to your theme settings, if your theme gives you an option to add script on footer, then paste codes you copied from wasupport.takeer.com then save, and boooom, when you refresh your website as visitor, you will see a support button and any or your visitor will see this button and after clicking any support assistant, he/she will be able to communicate with your support assistants live.

If your site is not a Wordpress, just copy the codes you got from wasupport.takeer.com in widget setup and add to your website just before the closing </body> tag.

This was a hobby hackathon, so it is free.

Let your visitors communicate with you live. Don't rely on contact forms, sometimes users don't like to fill forms (email, names, phone numbers) and so you are loosing a lot from your web visitors.