Well crafted React Native Templates can make app development quick and easy. Since the time to craft each page and component will not be required.

What is the good uses of Templates?

Templates may reduce your development time, as most templates contain images and fonts so the first thing your eye will see are the best parts you like and some you don't like, since templates are made for general purpose even if specific template is for specific industry use.

We are currently making our AI to do better template generation at codeonfly.com, currently we have insufficient data to train our machine learning model enough to generate at-least 90% of correct source codes. As for now, we are creating lots of training data to make this happen. Our goal is to make codeonfly.com a central place to generate mobile template source codes for hybrid frameworks like React-native, Flutter and Ionic Framework. But, for the time being.. everything is manual.. haha..

Latest React Native Templates:


To see vida in action, please click here


Caterfood React Native Template

To see how Caterfood template looks like on real device, Please click here


Ever though how to get a mobile app template for Learning/Institution or any training? Meet Xpert:

Xpert React Native Template

Xpert React Native template can be found here..


CraigLister is fine template for making classified app, You can create a next business in this if you create a mobile app like this and do marketing. You can introduce fees for either posting or viewing premium contents.

CraigLister React Native Template

CraigLister React Native Template can be found here


There are so many ways you can use Slacker, one of them is create private communication app where you will have closed number of companies/businesses, another way is create an app called SlackShop, where users will be posting what they are looking for with photos if they have sample then distributors may bid if they have an item etc.

Slaker React Native Template
Slaker React Native Template

Slacker can be found here..