All React Native Templates made by us use the same, easy steps to get started. As we use Expo to develop these templates, Please head over React Native official documentation on how to get started with the Expo guide at

after installing expo-cli and download a zipped file of our template, create a new folder somewhere and extract our react native template zipped file, copy these contents as shown below

All the above contents needs to be copied and paste in your new folder you created.  Paste our files in your new folder and the next step is to install our modules in package.json file. All you have to do is open command prompt(if using Windows) or Terminal(if using MacOs or Ubuntu) and navigate to your new project.

You can install modules either using npm or yarn. At takeer, we do prefer Yarn since it has module caching. You can type yarn -v to see which version of yarn you have, if you get version number like the following

then while you are in your new project folder, type yarn install then press enter then wait till all modules are installed.

Incase you don't use yarn, you can use npm, instead of above yarn install you need to use npm install and all modules will be installed, then after you need to start the project. For yarn users, type yarn start or npm users type npm start then hit enter.

Then follow the usual guide on to preview the template on expo client app either on iOs simulator or Android device/simulator.