All React Native Templates made by us use the same, easy steps to get started. As we use Expo to develop these templates, Please head over React Native official documentation on how to get started with the Expo guide at

after installing expo-cli and download a zipped file of our template, start fresh new expo project via expo i projectname then press Enter
in project selection, select ->blank project then press Enter
proceed until your new project is ready.

Extract the downloaded archive, copy all contents ( App.js && src folder) to your new project root directory, it will ask to replace App.js, click replace.
You have to install all plugins in Plugins.txt file provided in your downloaded archive
you can install either by npm or yarn, depends on whether you use npm or yarn. Please see Plugins.txt file for more information.

After all plugins installed, start your project via yarn start or npm start.

Then follow the usual guide on to preview the template on expo client app either on iOs simulator or Android device/simulator.